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Attending an Oshawa Generals game? It’s always more fun when you attend as a group! Sports teams, church groups, business colleagues, or just a group of friends, choose from our many Packages! Or we can customize a package just for you!


"... the party went off without a hitch & [my son] had a great time! The staff was amazing and it was really an experience he won't forget!"

~ Aaron & Cindy, Birthday Pack

"Booking was smooth sailing and the kids had a lot of fun! The dressing rooms were well-organized and the game went off without a hitch! We also enjoyed the game after making it an unforgettable experience!"

~ Mark, Future Stars

"Attending a game with my coworkers was an incredible experience! The energy and excitement were contagious, and we all had a blast cheering on the team together. The electric atmosphere of the arena made for an unforgettable evening, and we all left feeling energized and grateful for the experience. I highly recommend attending a game with friends or coworkers, and supporting the Oshawa Generals as they bring unforgettable experiences to their fans!"

~ Peter, Standard Group Pack

"... my son had the absolute BEST birthday Sunday night!!! You guys did an amazing job delivering cupcakes and loot bags! Thanks for making the booking so easy!"

~ Tricia, Birthday Pack

"As a long-time season ticket holder for the Oshawa Generals, I was thrilled when my child got the opportunity to be the 7th Skater at one of their games. The team and staff were incredibly welcoming and made my child feel like a true part of the Generals family. Not only did my child get to skate on the ice during the starting lineup announcements, but they also got to meet some of the players and even got a signed jersey! As a parent, it was amazing to see my child's face light up with joy and excitement. We can't wait to come back and support the Oshawa Generals again!!"

~ Archer, 7th Skater

Package Includes
A past 7th skater standing next to Generals' defenceman Thomas Stewart during the starting lineup announcements.

7th Skater

A once-in-a-lifetime experience of being in the starting lineup at an Oshawa Generals game.

Package Includes
A young Generals' fan holding a sign that says "It's my birthday! Go Gens Go!"

Birthday Packs

Celebrate your birthday at an Oshawa Generals home game while cheering for your team.

Package Includes
A group of Oshawa Minor Generals wearing their team jersey in the crowd, standing and cheering with their arms up.

Standard Group Packs

Attending an Oshawa Generals home game is always more fun when you come as a group.

A minor hockey team on the main Oshawa Generals rink playing in their own game before the Generals game starts.

Future Stars

Skate on the same ice as the Oshawa Generals before you watch the team take the ice.

A group of Timbits hockey players, playing a game of hockey during an intermission at an Oshawa Generals game.

Glory Game

Skate on the same ice as the Oshawa Generals during the intermission of any home game.

Two adult men celebrating after catching a t-shirt during a t-shirt toss at an Oshawa Generals game.

Gens Night Out

Embrace your inner OHLer and book your team to skate on the main ice pad after an Oshawa Generals game.

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